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ACC Advice

Insure is an Insurance Risk Advisory Company specialising in helping self-employed business clients obtain the very best ACC and Risk Cover. We help to restructure your ACC coverage for the self employed to gain surety of benefits and reduce levies.

Each client situation is different and requires a careful and diligent process to ensure advice in this area is appropriate for that client, potentially saving loads in levies and adding great value to businesses.

Life Insurance

Our approach is to ensure you provide those important to you with financial stability in the event of your death. This process is future proofed by utilising our unique ‘no surprises’ policy wording analysis. This is an area where you do not want to compromise!

Critical Conditions or Trauma Insurance

A heart attack or serious disease such as cancer are very traumatic events and you don’t need the burden of financial hardship on top of your recovery. Protect yourself and your family where you are most vulnerable and talk to us about our unique ‘no surprises’ policy research and recommendation process.

Income Cover

For most of us ‘income generation’ is our main daily focus and this alone provides our lifestyle opportunities. Protecting your income if an unexpected illness or injury occurs means you can maintain financial stability to recover and return to the lifestyle you and your family enjoy.

Mortgage Protection Insurances

From time to time, life hands out unexpected and unwanted surprises, but you can protect your family home and peace of mind quite simply by taking out Mortgage Protection Insurance. We understand that your family home is extremely important and we can assist you to ensure your mortgage repayments can be met come what may.

Medical Insurance

The reality is that no-one knows when a health problem may appear or how it will impact on our lifestyles and earning abilities. Health insurance is there to protect you against the unpredictable variations in your health costs and we’re here to find the very best policy to do just that! Unfortunately the public heath system in New Zealand often does not give fast access to treatment.

That’s where private Medical Insurance is a necessity. Health Insurance gives you peace of mind that, should you become unwell, you will have prompt access to treatment without the otherwise high costs of private healthcare. According to the Ministry of Economic Development one of the five main causes of bankruptcy is having ill health and no health insurance.

KEY Person Insurance

Every owner-operator or partnership needs to be aware of their vulnerability and the vital protection offered by Key Person Insurance. The loss of a key person through illness or accident can immediately negatively impact the business, clients, suppliers, and place enormous stress on partners, staff and resources. We work alongside you to determine the most effective way to protect your business and wealth.


We are Registered Financial Adviser’s and can provide Non-personalised, class advice in relation to KiwiSaver.

Rural Insurance

We provide farmers and growers a tailor made insurance package to suit their needs. Whether it’s insurance for your farm, dairy shed, machinery, home, contents, or your vehicles, we can Insure.

Business Insurance

For all your business insurance needs including shareholder buyout agreements we have got you covered.

Disability Insurance

In the unlikely event that you become totally and permanently disabled, total and permanent disability cover pays you out a lump sum. These funds can and are used in a variety of ways such as retiring your mortgage and/or renovating your home to accommodate wheelchair access and to make everyday activities possible. If you are covered life can and will go on.

International Student Travel Insurance

All international students are required to have medical and travel insurance while studying in New Zealand. International Students Travel Insurance has been especially designed to provide international students with the cover they need. You will have the comfort of knowing that you will be taken care of after the unexpected happens.

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